Our Mission

Our Mission is to get players to their next level. Whether thats advancing from rec to select, JV to Varsity, or transitioning from youth soccer to the college level and beyond. Flowers Soccer Academy will be sure to push and challenge you to achieve your goals.

This doesn't simply stop on the soccer field. Should the athlete desire to play past youth soccer, we want to make sure we help equip the athlete with the emotional and mental aspects needed as well as the technical.

Coach Evan is great! Very knowledgeable and my daughter has really enjoyed her time with him and learned a lot.
— Megan, client

What to Expect

For outfield players:

Sessions plans are position specific. It won't help a Center-Back if we waste 30 minutes on finishing! Depending on the skill level of the client, we will focus on either learning correct technique or training to improve their speed of play. Eventually, all players get to a point where they are pretty competent at most things in the game. What separates the good players from the great players is how quickly they can do these things. Regardless of skill level, you can expect to get lots of touches on the ball and to get a great workout!


For Goalkeepers:

Session plans are going to vary depending on the client. With that said, I will work with what needs to be addressed. Repetition is important for goalkeepers but my biggest focus will be on technique. Technique gives the athlete not only the best chance to succeed but to stay healthy as well. Specific areas that will/can be addressed are footwork, diving, handling, distribution, aerial catching, positioning, communication, reflexes, agility, and most importantly soccer IQ.