Personal Soccer Training in the Metro Atlanta Area

After two sessions I have already seen significant progress with my 13 year old son. Evan has done a great job teaching my son technique and encouraging him.
— John, Client


At Flowers Soccer Academy, we believe there are four technical aspects of the game that can always be improved. Those include your first touch, dribbling, passing and finishing. We have conveniently created a schedule that allows for you to choose which aspect(s) of the game you would like to train that week and have varied the times so one will always fit into your schedule!

Now, if your thinking there is way more to soccer than simply those few things, we agree completely! But things such as crossing and heading can be incorporated into each session just like “first touch” will be involved in every class we have. The drills your child will be doing will always involve multiple aspects of the game. We will challenge your kid physically and mentally in each of our sessions. If this sounds to good to be true, we offer the FIRST SESSION FREE so you can come see for yourself! This way there are no strings attached for you and your child! If putting your kid in a fun, challenging environment where they are guaranteed to grow as a soccer player sounds like something you might be interested in, please click here to sign up for your FREE INTRO SESSION today!


I have seen countless trainers who just put cones in a line and have kids dribble through them and shoot a soccer ball. This isnt realistic to a game! As a trainer, I believe the most important thing is that kids are getting additional practice, so I am truly thankful for these trainers, but at Flowers Soccer Academy each session will consist of game realistic drills that will translate much better into a game and thus produce better results! It isnt uncommon for a new player to see results in as little as one session! If interested, click here to sign up for your FREE INTRO SESSION!


Flowers Soccer Academy is more than just training! Listed below are just some of the GREAT perks:

  1. A proven and effective soccer trainer who can help you improve faster as a player

  2. A coach who will go to your games and assess you as a player

  3. A coach who will help you in the process of playing past the youth level

  4. Position specific training

  5. Opportunities to train with other great players

  6. Training at elite facilities with the best gear

  7. Flexible training hours to work around your schedule

  8. A professional learning environment

  9. A coach who will listen, learn and apply

  10. Discounted soccer gear (cleats, balls, shin guards etc)


“Coach Evan is great! Very knowledgeable and my daughter has really enjoyed her time with him and learned a lot.” - Meghan

“Coach Evan's sessions have been excellent. They have given my son a good workout and he takes the time to correct and instruct on the finer points of goalkeeping, boys positioning, etc.”- Scott

“Had a great one-on-one session with Evan for my daughter. Hes a very nice young man. She had a great training session with Evan and I would highly recommend” - Lou

“Thank you Evan for showing me what I know now, thank you for making me a better player! This year with you has been non stop fun! Every time we schedule a session im always excited because its always fun and its with fun people. I hope to have many more sessions with you!” - Al

“My son really, really, really enjoys training with [Evan]. He’s had other coaches, personal coaches, he’s liked but I can tell he enjoys working with Evan much more. There isn’t anything like it.” - Jose